Does Focus Factor Contain Caffeine?

No. Focus Factor does not contain caffeine.

Although there are over 40 ingredients in this nootropic, none of the listed ingredients are stimulants. We do have our issues and concerns with Focus Factor, but we’re glad to say that this isn’t one of them.

No Caffeine in Focus Factor is a Good Thing

We believe Caffeine is a big “no-no” when it comes to pre-made supplement stacks. We believe manufacturers should leave caffeine out of their cognitive boosters and leave it up to the user if they want to add it to the mix.

The problem with caffeine if it was included in a nootropic like Focus Factor is because it doesn’t boost focus as much as it boosts energy levels.

It’s a stimulant, and in doing so, it gives you a big boost in energy – which inevitably leads to a crash. This is a common problem with having a high amount of caffeine.

This is fine for other supplements like preworkouts as you only need that boost for short period of time. However, with a nootropic like Focus Factor you want results to be long-lasting for the full day. This wouldn’t be the case if there was caffeine in Focus Factor.

We’re glad that it isn’t in this nootropic.

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