Does NitraFlex test positive?

No. NitraFlex does not test positive in any drug test. This means it is clear for you to use in any sporting events or competions.

In the past this may have been a different story due to the previous formula that NitraFlex had.

However, we’re happy to inform that this is no longer the case and you shouldn’t fail any drug tests from using NitraFlex.

GAT Nitraflex

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Why doesn’t NitraFlex test positive?

NitraFlex does not test positive because it contains all natural ingredients.

There is nothing in here that will trigger a drug test to report positive. It is fine for you to use for sporting competitoins. The only thing to be concerned about is if any of these events have a caffeine limit – as NitraFlex contains a high amount of it.

Aside from that though, NitraFlex will not test positive in a drug test.

The older formula of NitraFlex would’ve made you fail a drug test. It contained DMAA – which is a neural stimulant and now a banned substance.

DMAA would dramatically increase your energy levels and focus, but also brough with it a lot of side effects. It’s a good thing that it is no longer in NitraFlex and has been banned.

What would test positive?

Anything that would give you an unnatural edge. Anabolic steroids. The original NitraFlex formula containing DMAA.

Anything that appears on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list. For example any of the following:

  1. Non-Approved Substances
  2. Anabolic Agents
  3. Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors, Mimetics etc.
  4. Beta-2 Agonists
  5. Hormone and Metabolic Modulators
  6. Diuretics and Masking Agents

If what you’re taking falls under any of these categories, you may want to rethink your workout stack.

Does NitraFlex test positive? | Summary

In conclusion, you now know that NitraFlex does not test positive in a drug test.

You shouldn’t have any problems taking it for competition.

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