How do you take Qualia?

Qualia Mind is one of the most comprehensive nootropic supplements on the market. It has a lot of ingredients which cover a lot of angles.

Given that a daily dose of Qualia Mind is 7 capsules a day, there’s a very specific way to take it.

The daily serving is only a guideline

This is the most important point with Qualia Mind to remember is that the 7 capsule dosage is recommended in accordance with your weight, tolerance, sensitivity and how much of an impact you want to see.

You are advised to take no more than 12 capsules in one day, and definitely not more than 10 capsules in one serving.

You need to cycle Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind needs to be cycled. it is recommended that you take it 5 days a week with 2 days off.

It makes sense to take it the rhythm of a natural work week. Take Qualia Mind from Monday – Friday with the weekends off.

That should be easy to keep on top of.

Look after yourself while taking Qualia Mind

Nuerohacker also claim that for the best results from Qualia Mind that you should be taking it in combination with good health.

By that they mean that you should be exercising regularly and also ensuring that you are eating a healthy diet.

This essentially stops bad health habits from interfering with your results from Qualia Mind.

More Information

If you’re interested in purchasing Qualia Mind and using it to boost your own cognition, we suggest that you read our full review of Qualia Mind to see how effective it is and if it is the option for you.

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