How long does it take for Mind Lab Pro to work?

Mind Lab Pro takes at least 30 days to work.

If you’re using Mind Lab Pro as directed (2 capsules a day each morning), you’ll start to feel the effects within the first two weeks. Tapping into the real cognitive benefits of Mind Lab Pro happens around the end of the first month.

However if you take a double-dose of Mind Lab Pro (4 capsules in one serving), many have reported that you may start to feel some of the benefits within a few hours. This is only a short-term boost though, if you want consistent and effective results, we recommend that you take Mind Lab Pro once a day with the recommended 2 capsule serving.

Mind Lab Pro

Why does Mind Lab Pro take 30 days to work?

Because Mind Lab Pro is a natural supplement and not a drug, it needs to raise certain levels of resources in your body and brain naturally.

To achieve this, you need to keep giving your body a constant supply of these nutrients to help those levels rise.

Although Mind Lab Pro doesn’t kick is as fast and effectively as modafinil or adderall, it is significantly safer and can help give you long-term mental benefits without any of the risk with continued use.

How to take Mind Lab Pro

There are several options when it comes to Mind Lab Pro which is recommended by the manufacturer Opti-Nutra.

  1. 4 Week – 1 Week Mind Lab Pro Cycle
  2. 5 Day – 2 Day Mind Lab Pro Cycle

Cycling is when you take a supplement for a period of time, then take a small amount of off. This helps your body reset its tolerance to it, so the ingredients still affect your body at maximum potency.

For the first method, and this is the most popular, you should take Mind Lab Pro for 4 weeks every day. After that 4 week period, stop taking Mind Lab Pro for a week, after that week is over, resume using Mind Lab Pro as normal.

How Long Does Mind Lab Pro take to Work? | Summary

As you can see, Mind Lab Pro takes around 30 days to work if you are using it as recommended.

You can cycle it 5 days a week with the weekend off, or just use it straight for the month and give yourself a week to let your body to reset it’s tolerance. There are plenty of options.

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