Is Lumonol FDA Approved?

Lumonol is not an FDA approved nootropic. This is because no natural nootropics are FDA approved.

Why? Because it is technically a natural supplement. Although it can help with cognition, in the eyes of the law it is a dietary supplement.

It cannot, legally, be approved by the FDA as it technically doesn’t concern them.

FDA is the Federal Drug Administration, as Lumonol does not contain any drugs it does not fall under their jurisdiction. It cannot be evaluated by them to be approved or disapproved.


What can make a natural nootropic like Lumonol FDA approved?

Nothing, if it is all natural it cannot be. The only way a nootropic like Lumonol could be approved by the FDA is for it to contain prescription drugs, and then for those drugs to meet the approval of the FDA when used in Lumonol.

As we’ve mentioned the FDA can only evaluate drugs or substances that contain drugs.

Is Lumonol safe to use?

Lumonol is safe to use. As we found in our review, the only concern that we noticed with nootropic is that contains stimulants which could lead to energy crashes and problems.

Obviously if you still have some concerns you should speak to your doctor or a medical professional before using Lumonol.

This also applies if you have any preexisting conditions or allergies which Lumonol may affect.

Is Lumonol FDA approved? | Summary

No. As we’ve mentioned Lumonol is not FDA approved. Also known as LumUltra as this supplement does not contain any drugs, it cannot be evaluated by the FDA for approval.

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