Is Mind Lab Pro Legal in Australia?

Yes. Mind Lab Pro is legal to purchase in Australia.

Nootropic supplements are legal to buy, own, and take. However, Racetams are not OTC legal nootropics in Australia. Mind Lab Pro® ships to Australia.

How long does Mind Lab Pro take to ship to Australia?

It depends on which courier you choose, Mind Lab Pro ships to Australia in the following times:

  • Royal Mail expected delivery time: 5 – 15 working days
  • Trakpak expected delivery time: 5 – 15 working days
  • DHL expected delivery time: 1 – 6 working days

All Mind Lab Pro orders shipped to Australia leave from the UK and should arrive roughly between 1 – 15 days after purchase – depending on which courier service you chose.

Is there anywhere Mind Lab Pro is illegal?

Mind Lab Pro has not been reported to be made illegal in any country.

There are a few countries which have problems with nootropics given the research that has been done on them.

For example, Vinpocetine (not in Mind Lab Pro) is banned in some countries as it is viewed as a controlled substance – not a natural nutrient.

The main countries that tend to get caught in these legal troubles with nootropics are the UK, Canada and Australia. Canada and Australia being the more vigilant of the three.

At the moment, all three countries do not seem to have a problem with orders of Mind Lab Pro going to their customers.

Are there any potential problems shipping Mind Lab Pro to Australia?

There is a very small chance that the order may get held in Australian customs. This is known to happen more often with supplements coming into Canada – but it could happen in Aus.

If you experience such problems, this may be due to import duties, taxes or charges imposed by customs.

You may have to check with your customs office to see if you need to pay any additional fees to your country’s office.

Is Mind Lab Pro Legal in Australia? | Summary

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