Is NitraFlex a Pre Workout?

NitraFlex is a pre workout. It is a supplement from GAT Sports which is claimed to help improve your overall workouts.

It is recommended that you take GAT NitraFlex around 30 – 60 minutes before starting your workout.

It comes in a powdered form and should be consumed by diluting it in a beverage before a workout.

GAT Nitraflex

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Why is NitraFlex a pre workout?

Because it is a stimulant heavy supplement designed to improve your overall workout quality.

NitraFlex is to be used once a day: before working out. It is literally a pre-workout tool.

It’s not just that though, NitraFlex contains numerous ingredients which are chosen to promote:

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Endurance
  • Muscle Pumps and Blood Flow
  • Power Output

These are all factors that you would look for in a pre workout. It is completely a supplement designed for improving your workouts.

The only way it differs from other pre workouts is that it contains some ingredients which may help testosterone levels.

Should you use it as a pre workout?

It depends on your preference. NitraFlex is a caffeine-heavy supplement. If you have a high tolerance for caffeine, this may be the option for you.

However, if you do not react well to stimulants, it’s definitely not a good choice for you. Personally, it’s the not the best pre workout we’ve come across. You can read our full NitraFlex Review here.

Is NitraFlex a pre workout? | Summary

NitraFlex is indeed a pre workout. Whether if it is the right pre workout for you however, is up to you. It has a high level of caffeine which doesn’t always sit well with some users.

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