Meet the Team

As the site grows, we’ll be anticipating a rise in both writers and experts to help us make both interesting and useful content.

We currently have 2 people running the site, Al Sutcliffe and David ‘The Pistol’ Guild (originally a writer for

First, let’s start with the man who started it all:

Who is Al Sutcliffe?

Al Sutcliffe is the head writer of, he’s an expert in supplements and has been using them for several decades.

Before working at, Al worked for several supplement companies in a variety of roles and is very familiar with both the industry and the products themselves.

With, he hopes to help more people make better decisions about supplements.

Words from our Head, Al Sutcliffe:

Hey there, it’s Al. I write most of the content on the site you’re reading.

I’ve loved supplements for many years now, using them, writing about them and researching them.

Supplements to me are some of the most interesting things in the health industry. Some have little to no effect at all, whereas others can help optimize your entire lifestyle.

It all boils down to the research you do and the decisions you make.

During your visit on, I hope you learn more about the supplements that interest you and that you find what it is that you’re looking for to give you the best possible results.

In my experience the safest and most effective supplements contain no proprietary blends (no hidden dosages) and are made up of all natural ingredients.

Obviously, these aren’t the only criteria that you should be looking for. You need to make sure that the ingredients being used are supported by the proper studies and appropriately dosed.

Who is David ‘The Pistol’ Guild?

Born in Boston, David was a former basketball player in his youth. Packing phenomenal skill, he boasts that he used to be able to score a basket without even looking at the net. His accuracy was so impressive that his friends on the court often referred to him as ‘The Pistol’.

It was during that time he fell in love with not only the sport, but the training for the court. Over the years this slowly evolved into an obsession and eventually took over from his basketball duties.

Nowadays, David Guild is a keen weightlifting enthusiast and passionate about his physique. He started to share his knowledge with the world, but he was so good we talked him into writing here instead.

David is now head of fat loss at, and we look forward to seeing his talents on screen!

Future Contributors

As develops we expect more people to be added to this page. Watch this space!