Natrol Cognium Reviews – Is CERA-Q a scam?

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Natrol Cognium is one of the bigger nootropics on the market, however, what isn’t big is the ingredient profile of it. After writing this review, we were quite surprised how this nootropic was still around with just CERA-Q to support it.

You can read the full story below, let’s just say it needs some revising.

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Does Cognium Work?

This is our Natrol Cognium review. It’s an all natural nootropic from the guys at Natrol which has claims to promote:

  • Cognition
  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Mood

But how well will it work for you?

In this review, we look closer at this nootopic to see how effective it really is.

We’ll be analyzing the ingredients, side effects, and if it Cognium really works. Here’s what you need to know:

Natrol Cognium

How to take Cognium

Cognium is an easy nootropic to take. You only need to take 2 servings a day. One in the morning and one in the evening.

This is good for giving your body a supply of the nutrients you need to keep you reaping the cognitive benefits day long.

What’s in Natrol Cognium? | Ingredients

There’s only one ingredient in Natrol Cognium: CERA-Q.

Even if this was the best ingredient for nootropic, this wouldn’t be a good move by Natrol. It’s not ideal to see in our Cognium Reviews.

Why? Because the Natrol Cognium is only as good as CERA-Q.

Ideally, you’d want to add a few more ingredients to it which can help add more ways that it can help improve your overall cognition.

There is 100mg of CERA-Q in one serving of Natrol Cognium, and 200mg in the extra strength addition of Cognium.

Cognium Ingredients

CERA-Q: Natrol Cognium Clinical Study Reviews

CERA-Q in Cognium is a protein. Specifically a silk protein hydrolsate from silkworm cocoons.

It’s an interesting choice for Natrol Cognium reviews.

We say this because it’s an ingredient you don’t often see in nootropics. It has claims to promote cognition, focus, memory, mood and more.

Not only that, it’s also thought to break up plaque in your brain and increase overall mental clarity.

In addition, there’s a huge amount of Cognium clinical trials on the Natrol website that claims that CERA-Q works.

However, only a handful of these are on the official clinical studies site PubMed. The rest of them are on Korean journals which may not be universally credible.

Not only that, one of the studies that have been published on PubMed have been pulled for author misconduct of data fabrication and falsification:

Cognium Clinical Study

This is a horrific sign – and it says a lot about whether or not this supplement is on the level when it comes to clinical studies.

It seems to us that CERA-Q may be cheap to produce, and the manufacturers are desperate to find ways to make it profitable.

Cognium Reviews Extra Strength

Note: Natrol Cognium Extra Strength

There is another version of Natrol’s Cognium: the Extra Strength version. This review should hold up for that nootropic as well. It has exactly the same ingredients as the original, it’s just double the dose.

There is 200mg of CERA-Q in Cognium Extra Strength instead of 100mg. That’s the only difference.

Does Cognium Work?

As we’ve mentioned already in this review, we have concerns about Cognium Mind.

We think more ingredients need to be added to it which have the independent studies to behind them to fully support that it all works.

For the best results, we think more could be added to Natrol Cognium.

Specifically the following ingredients:

  • Citicoline – Helps in numerous ways, but mainly boosts brain energy and improve brain regeneration. It can also help with focus and overall cognition.
  • Phosphatidylserine – Has been seen in studies to help promote mood, memory, focus and even help prevents cognitive decline.
  • L-Tyrosine – Helps to reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol to allow you to feel more relaxed.
  • Maritime Pine Bark– Increases blood flow to the brain which helps more glucose, oxygen and general nutrients to your brain.

These would all help Natrol Cognium.

Natrol Cognium Mind Reviews – Side Effects

There are no side effects that have been associated with Natrol Cognium. There’s only one ingredient in here, and its essentially just protein.

You shouldn’t run into any side effects from supplementing Cognium. If you have any concerns, you should speak to your doctor before using it. This goes especially if you’re suffering from any preexisting conditions or have any allergies.

Natrol Cognium vs Prevagen

Comparing Cognium and Prevagen results in some interesting findings – although they don’t have the same ingredients they seem to be taking a similar strategy: one main ingredient.

Cognium has CERA-Q and Prevagen has Vitamin D and Apoaequorin. CERA-Q comes from silkworms, Apoaequorin comes from Jellyfish.

It’s remarkable how they’ve both opted for nutrients obtained from living creatures, as opposed to the herbal angle – which the majority of the market does.  But whereas Natrol Cognium is more for breaking up brain plaque and reducing cognitive decline, Prevagen is more focused on increasing memory and promoting sleep.

They’re taking it at different angles – but they both agree on putting their eggs in one basket when it comes to the ingredients. Cognium relies heavily on CERA-Q, Prevagen relies heavily on Apoaequorin. Both need additional support.

Natrol Cognium Review: Our Thoughts

As you can see, something is going on with Natrol Cognium. In these reviews, we’re seeing that the main ingredient that this entire supplement hinges on does have some positive studies.

However, these studies are on Korean journals which may or not be credible. The main study that made it to PubMed – an authority site for clinical studies – retracted the CERA-Q study due to author misconduct.

It is not a good look. We definitely feel that the CERA-Q in Natrol Cognium needs to go through a lot more rounds of independent study. We get the feeling the original round was biased given how PubMed pulled it for author misconduct.

Not only that, even if it does, Cognium needs work. It only has one ingredient. Several more nutrients are needed to support the main ingredient to help hit more angles to promote overall cognition.

It’s weak and needs a lot of extra work.

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