What is Lumonol?

Lumonol is a nootropic from the Avanse Nutraceuticals company.

It is an all natural supplement that has claims to promote brainpower. Lumonol is made up of herbs, vitmains and nutrients which have claims to raise cognition.

What is a natural nootropic?

Nootropics are substances, natural or drugs which can help raise mental cognition.

Natural Nootropics are versions of these aids which do so entirely on natural means.

For example Lumonol (LumUltra) is a natural nootropic because it contains no drugs and can help raise cognition.

Lumonol Original

The Lumonol we know today, is not the Lumonol that once was. The ingredients were entirely different, though it was still a natural nootropic.

Lumonol Original contained; Citicholine (CDP Choline) and Picamilon. Which are both not in the new Lumonol.

Here’s the full nutrients profile for Lumuonol Original:

Lumonol Original Ingredients

  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) – 250 mcg
  • Memory Blend – 285 mg
    • Citicoline (CDP Choline)
    • Ginkgo Biloba
    • Noopept
    • Panax Ginseng
  • Focus Blend – 500 mg
    • Acetyl L-Carnitine
    • L-Tyrosine
    • Phosphatidylserine
  • Energy Blend – 375 mg
    • Guarana
    • Hordenine
    • Picamilon

As you can see there are some similarities to the new version (see our full Lumonol review here) but the blends were organized differently and relied on different ingredients.


This is the new name of Lumonol. Due to the growing popularity. Lumonol stopped being a single product and became a range of products.

The original Lumonol now goes by the name of LumUltra with some slightly different ingredients.

What Is Lumonol? | Summary

Now you know that Lumonol is a natural nootropic which now goes by the name of LumUltra.

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